Three Levels of Business Strategy


Corporate Level

Strategic plans of Top Management for long term performance. Impacting Growth, Acquisitions, Diversification, and Investments.


Business Level

Vision and objectives turned into concrete strategies that show how a business is going to compete in their specific market.


Functional Level

Strategies designed to answer how functional departments like Marketing, Accounting, HR or R&D can support the corporate action items defined by you.

When you accurately understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses you can effectively respond to threats and opportunities in the market in which it operates.

ECG will help you to align the efforts of all functional departments and will assist you in giving your employees a Northstar that guides their daily decision-making.

ECG will help you fully develop your Business Strategy, outline your Vision, define your Targets, and accurately determine how your company will grow and compete long-term.

ECG knows that for any business strategy to be successful you must consider your core values and visualize your desired future position in the market. ECG has a remarkable network of forward-thinking business strategy experts ready to help you.